Todd A Davis: 25 Diamonds for a 25th Anniversary


Todd A Davis

25 Diamonds for a 25th Anniversary, 2015

Image area 40 x 40" | Paper size 44 x 44" | Edition of 3

Digital print, aqueous pigment inks on lustre archival paper

Alongside his extensive art production, Todd Davis has produced and facilitated many exhibitions throughout his career as an administrator and curator at several cultural institutions. Most recently as an independent curator of IPS (Immaterial Pictorial Space) at 1387 Richards St., and The Performed Object at LIVE FIVE Performance Art Biennale, Vancouver, BC. From 1997 to 2005 he worked with many artists as Executive Director/Curator at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC. Also during his past tenure as Curator at Simon Fraser University and while Interim Director/Curator at Burnaby Art Gallery and the Unit Pitt Gallery and other ARCs (Artist-run Centres) across Canada.

Mr. Davis has worked  with cultural institutions extensively on their permanent collections. He has 30 years experience in cultural administration, working with six-figure annual budgets, staffing, and extensive public interaction, multiple program development and integrated open-source projects and programs.

He has represented cultural institutions through the British Columbia Museum Association (BCMA) and Pacific Association of Artist-run Centres (PAARC). Time has been spent working with the LIVE Performance Biennial Board of Directors, and as a fundraiser, Curator and Executive Director. As well as with VIVO Media Arts Centre as Chair, Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors since 2006.

Over the past eight years he has worked extensively in his studio on exhibitions, public projects and wild ideas.