Christina Battle & Adán De La Garza: five states of freedom [number 7]


Christina Battle & Adán De La Garza

five states of freedom [number 7], 2014/2015

part of an ongoing series

Image area 24 x 16" | Paper size 30 x 22" | Edition of 3

Digital print, aqueous pigment inks on lustre archival paper

Shot on a former Titan II 570-9 Missile Silo near Tucson, Arizona. The Titan II program was developed by the US military to increase the size, strength, and speed of the nation's weapons arsenal in the 1950s and 60s. Each missile carried a single warhead stored and launched from underground silos. This particular site was active May 1st 1962 through December 2nd 1983 and is now currently a Vista De La Montaña Methodist Church. The church has painted an image based upon the Tohono O'odham icon of the Man in the Maze atop the former missile silo. The image refers to the mischievous creator god I'itoi, who resides in a cave below the peak of Baboquivari Mountain, part of the Tohono O’odham Nation. I'itoi is responsible for a series of commandments guiding people to remain in balance with the world and interact with it as intended.

Christina Battle & Adán De La Garza are media artists currently based in Denver, Colorado. They collaborate on a number of projects including the exhibition series Nothing To See Here.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Christina Battle is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Her film, video and installation works are often inspired by the role of official and non‐official archives, our notions of evidence and explore themes of history and counter‐memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries including: The Images Festival (Toronto), The London Film Festival (UK), The International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), YYZ Artists' Outlet (Toronto), White Box (New York), The Foreman Art Gallery at Bishops University (Sherbrooke QC), MCA Denver, The Aspen Art Museum and in the Whitney Biennial, Day for Night (New York, 2006).

Adán De La Garza holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has participated in exhibitions at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (Boulder CO), Deluge Contemporary (Victoria BC), The New School (New York NY), The Future Gallery (Berlin DE) and the Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art (Tucson AZ). He is currently based in Denver.